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DanceGLAM is a revolutionary new dance-fitness program set to appeal to those with a love and passion for dance movement. Tony’s target audience will not only be wowed by this energetic and entertaining platform, but they will also benefit from a mind & body experience that will leave them feeling inspired and energized.


DanceGLAM creates a high energy dance class that sits between the song-by-song format, and the full length layered class format.  


At the request from thousands of Tony’s fans & followers from around the world, and with his well-established international experience as a Dancer, Creative Director, Choreographer and Presenter, Tony takes great pleasure in delivering his new, exciting and original dance-fitness program for every dance lover and enthusiast to enjoy.


DanceGLAM is based on his highly successful teaching method that has spanned across 40 countries at an average of 50 appearances per year. It brings its students and attendees movements based on different urban fusion dance styles, at a level that can be enjoyed by all, while giving them a fantastic workout experience. 


The DanceGLAM dance experience brought to you by Tony Stone, along with a flaming hot music playlist and moves to match …IS FIRE! Feel the burn. Come join the heat!

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